Tin Nghia Agro-product Processing Company engaged in processing and export agricultural products such as coffee, pepper, corn, tapioca…  

Over many years, Tin Nghia has been one of the Vietnam’s top 10 coffee exporters. Notably throughout 5 consecutive years between 2004 and 2008, Tin Nghia Agro-product Processing Company was selectively awarded the Prestigious Exporter by the Ministry of Trade. In view of its stable and prestigious export transactions, the company did obtain trusts from customers in terms of the company’s quality certificates self-issued on shipments without intermediary surveillances.   

In addition to the traditional trade of export green coffee, since 2005 the Plant has developed new line of product – the ground coffee branded Scafé. From the well-selected quality materials, modern processing technology with capacity of more than 100 tons/month, closely monitored under advanced quality standard systems such as ISO, HACCP , the factory did produce Scafé coffee line covering 3 main product ranges, i.e. Scafe Origin, Scafe Romance and Scafe Start to bring added value to those existing green coffee products. Outstanding at many big events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, Scafe products were greatly appreciated and certified by Food Safety & Hygience Service as quality products of community"s health safety.

In the begining of the 2012 year, Scafe' Instant Coffee Mix is developed to adapt the needs of the customers.



Scafe' Manufactory




·         Developed year: 2006, belongs to Tin Nghia Agro-Products Trading Company, Ltd

·         Located in: Block 8, Long Binh Ward, BienHoaCity, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam

·         Phone: (84 - 251) 8824017 - 8880701     Fax: (84 - 251) 8824013

·         Email: sales@scafe.vn  

·         Website: www.scafe.vn  



·         Ground Coffee: Start, Romance, Origin

·         Instant Coffee 3 in 1

   The products are controlled by the HACCP process. Assure to control each health hazard. They are safe in each processing. We hope bring cleanly, safe products to consumers.



      ·         60 tons/ month

·         720 tons/ year


Coffee Shops:


1.      Coopmart Bien Hoa

2.      Coopmart Thu Duc

3.      Coopmart Vung Tau

4.      ICD Tân Cang - Long Binh

5.      Tan Phu Bus – Stop Service Station

6.      Xuan Loc Tan Phu Bus – Stop Service Station

7.      Nhon Trach Industrial Zone 3

8.      ICD Bien Hoa